Welcome to We Got The Geek!

Are you looking for a weekly show about all things Geek? Look no further! Comic book reviews, movie and TV news, a family of geeks chime in with their opinion on anything Geek.

JStew has been reading comic books since he was old enough to read. His vast collection would have been even more impressive if he would have left the classic books in tact and not rip the covers off to tack up on the wall.
When he met KStew, he introduced her to the comic book world and never looked back. The day after their wedding, they attended their first comic book convention.

He has worked at a boring day job for far too many years, and has finally found a way to share his Geek passion with the listeners of We Got The Geek.

KStew has always been a bit of a movie and TV geek. In her youth, long before the days of the interwebs, she loved everything to do with media. Watching TV and movies were and are a couple of KStew’s favourite past-times. When KStew met JStew, he introduced her to the world of comic books…life was never the same.

A few years later, KStew and JStew started a family and named their daughter after Wonder Woman. (Fear not, if it was a boy, he would have been named after their favourite singer and actors.) DiscoStew carries on the Geek legacy proudly … And loves recording Diana’s Corner for the We Got The Geek listeners.

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