0ur 600th segment – The We Got The Geek birthday bash at the Canadian Toy Con

On February 18th it was our 4th anniversary of being a podcast.Its been an amazing four years meeting all kinds of amazing people and going to a lot of great shows. In March JStew, Sara J, WonderLibrarian and Sarah WaterRaven celebrated the podcast’s birthday  at the Canadian Toycon.  It was a Harry Potter themed event so a lot of our friends were cosplaying characters from the Potter Universe. We had cake and cupcakes and had a fantastic day. We also made Candy Cosplay, Mz Hyde Cosplay and The Lauryn show honorary members of We Got The Geek. Take a listen to some of the highlights from our special day.

check out the celebration here17966555_1018804721585946_9173028825862672885_o-1



17264807_994106980722387_5546219730681668136_n 17264437_994107074055711_8066669390189197661_n

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