Interview – Bruce Brown

John had the opportunity to interview Bruce Brown about his book series “Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms” which is currently a Kickstarter campaign.


Please share with us a few reasons behind the Kickstarter campaign for your series “Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms.”

Well, the series has been a huge success; so much so, that is has made one thing difficult for readers of the series in one way. When someone would read one of the books, and go to get the next one in the series it would be sold out. I have heard many people say this to me. So, Arcana decided what if we brought everyone the entire series in one hardback collection book. Plus, it is a celebration of the success of the series and letting people know it is going to be an animated feature film!

What prompted the idea to create a series that would bring the works of H.P. Lovecraft to children?

It really grew out of a short story I wrote for a horror anthology for Arcana. I did this short story of a child Lovecraft and couldn’t let go of idea of this. So, it organically grew from there. I have always had a love for all age’s stories and had become of huge fan of Lovecraft so it just seemed a natural to do this.

With the Kickstarter campaign for the Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms Hardback graphic novel being in its final days, Can you describe some of the rewards people can expect for backing your project?

It really is an amazing campaign that offers the backers from the digital downloads, to the hardcover book, t-shirts, a coloring book and my favorite a plush Spot! Now that we reached our initial goal, we have we are offering a movie poster and a chance to be in the credits of the animated teaser that will be released!

So, I encourage everyone to check it out today!

With Howard Lovecraft and the Three Kingdoms being one of Arcana’s most popular series, how have the fan reactions been at conventions?

The book is hugely popular at conventions and frequently sells out! The great thing about the series is that you love it if you are a Lovecraft fan, but it appeals to people who have never even heard of him!

In reviewing the Kickstarter page, there is mention of animation in the future for Howard Lovecraft. Can you elaborate on some of those details?

Howard Lovecraft is going to be an animated feature film and the Kickstarter is offering people a chance to be a part of it! It allows backers of $50 dollars or more to be in the after credits of the animated teaser! For Lovecraft fans that have been dying for Mountains of Madness movie, here is something really exciting for you to wrap your tentacles around!

 Can we export more Howard Lovecraft series in the future?

I definitely hope so! I have more stories of Howard and Spot to tell and after the Kickstarter will be introducing a new all ages Lovecraft book called: Dr. Herbert West, Astounding tales in Medical Malpractice! It is my all ages ReAnimator!

Is there anything else you would like to add that we can share with our audience?

Two things: I dream of a world where Reese’s Peanut butter cups are considered a health food and I ask everyone to take a moment and check out Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms on Kickstarter! If you love Lovecraft, Fantasy, Horror, Goth and you want to share your love with your kids, nieces and nephews, THIS KICKSTARTER IS FOR YOU!


There you have it. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign to back this fun project, and get some neat swag too!

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