We Got The Geeks Rogue One Geekery Con Diary

November 12th was a special day for We Got The Geek. We held our third mini con at the Geekery Restaurant – The Rogue One Geekery Con. Yes it was Star Wars related. We were blessed to have  talented cosplayers and amazing artists gracing the floor of our favorite restaurant. Throughout the day JStew and Sara J and The Wonder Librarian spoke with some of these wonderful people and we  compiled the recordings in a nice Diary. This diary is jam packed with fantastic guest stars–lets do the list –  Author Sarah WaterRaven, Josh, JStew’s mom, Alfonso from Studiocomix, Dr Stevil, Stephany Lein, Candy Cosplay, The Lauryn Show, Lunaire Cosplay, Alex Rose Cosplay, Mz Hyde Cosplay, Angelic Luka Cosplay, Donovan, Su and many many more. It was a fantastic day and we are so grateful to the fine folks that came out for it.

Check out the Diary here


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